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For Kids

Play Areas

  • Classic Playground

    • approx 10 mins walk along the coast.

    • Head south/right, towards Kames. 

    • The play area is next to the tennis court at the Kyles Athletic Shinty ground.

    • The play area is fenced with cushioned mats below the apparatus.​

    • There is a car park

    • Google Maps shortcut

  • Playing Field 

    • The Shinty Ground next to the Playground is a large area of grass that is good for a run around and kickabout.

    • Goal posts

    • Also used by dog walkers.

  • A forest school play area for older children is in the Kilfinan Community Forest approx 10 mins walk behind the village.

    • The entrance is currently also used by a local house builder, but it is worth the inconvenience of walking 100m past the builders. The play area is made of wood and in a woodland setting.

    • There are also other features nearby, including pond for frogs, hut, picnic area and views of Victoria Falls (note, it is rugged and very high above the river, so younger children need to beware).

    • Get to the road up the hill behind the house/village, which is the main road. Head towards the building site - keep the faith - and turn right and head past site to area with compost heaps and small huts. Follow path to left and entrance to area is  on right.

    •  Google Maps shortcut

Shinty Ground - Walk Map.png


  • Beach in front of house

    • Best at low tide.​

    • Rocks can be difficult for very small kids.

    • Best to head right

    • Some opportunities for rock pools.

    • Stay towards the sea, and away from road

  • Ostel Bay - sandy beach

    • Ostel Bay is a beautiful sandy beach with a stunning view of Arran.

    • 5 mins drive PLUS 10 mins walk on track PLUS 5 mins walk across field

    • Stunning views

    • Gently sloping sea, great for paddling

    • Walk across field can get muddy/boggy - buggies and stroller may struggle if recently wet

    • Drive 5 minutes to Kilbride Farm, then walk 15-20 mins along tracks.

    • Park courteously and do not block the road, access to the farm track or access to the farmhouse.

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