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On Arrival

  • Access and Keys

    • The 4-digit code for the key safe is sent by SMS/Text.

    • Keep this code private & secure.​

    • A torch may be useful if arriving at night.

    • Enter code and push down black lever on left of numbers. The safe should swing down/open.

    • Kitchen light switch is on the right, inside the front door.

    • A 2nd key will be on table or hook behind front door.

    • Remember to put Primary key back in safe.

    • I recommend using 2nd key and keeping Primary key in the safe - just in case.

  • Wifi

    • Network Name/SSID: OneManor-WiFi

    • Network Password: 2012FF2020

    • The Wifi has limited bandwidth, but is generally reliable.​ For example, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, iPlayer and Zoom Video calling all work, however FaceTime has been problematic in the past.

    • NO parental controls setup, but the service provider does block adult content.

  • Fire Safety​

    • A fire extinguisher is in the kitchen above fridge.

    • Smoke alarms are in the upstairs landing and hall. Please feel free to test these alarms and inform us of any issues.

  • First Aid

    • A first aid pack is above the fridge next to fire extinguisher

    • Let me know if you use items so I can replace for guests

  • Parking 

    • Be courteous to our neighbours and please park car(s) within the bounds of the house and directly outside the property. ​

    • Please consider parking very large vehicles (eg large motorhomes) in the Coach Park

  • Please contact me for any issues by email 

    • For Urgent problems please contact me by SMS/Text/WhatsApp

    • Record any damage or issue with your phone camera and forward to me.

  • Please be courteous to your neighbours and enjoy your stay.

Key Safe.jpg
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Central Heating & Hot Water

  • The Central Heating is preset and should keep the house cozy.

    • The thermostat / controller in the Hall can be used to boost up (or turn down) the temperature.

    • Press 0 to switch on display to boost the heating for a fixed period of time. Pressing multiple times boosts 30 mins. 

    • Press + or - to temporarily set the preset temperature. See attached diagrams on the display and controls

    • NOTE: The radiator valves (TRVs) should NOT be adjusted. The heating system does not react well. 

    • NOTE: This is an electric boiler and does not react as quickly as Gas or Oil. Please be patient.

    • The upstairs radiators (except bathroom) will not heat properly unless the heating has been on a long time. Do not change any settings, this is normal.

  • Hot water is scheduled throughout the day: in the early morning, mid-afternoon and evening. It is NOT a combi boiler and may need time to re-heat hot water.

  • The downstairs shower does not depend on the boiler and may be used at any time.

  • Please do NOT change ANY settings on the boiler under the stairs. Do NOT press any switches as it is setup for remote access.

  • If you need the scheduled changed, send me an email and I will set a new schedule remotely.

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 08.50.19.png
Wiser Thermostat Operation
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  • Cleaning 

    • The property will be thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival

    • There is no on-demand cleaning service or maid service
    • If the property is not clean on your arrival please inform me immediately by email
    • There are various cleaning products under the sink and in each bathroom. Feel free to use these products to ensure cleanliness and hygiene is maintained.
    • A vacuum cleaner is in the cupboard in the hall.
    • A floor brush is in the hall cupboard for the kitchen floor.
    • A dust pan and brush is in the hall cupboard.
  • Please keep the house clean and tidy.
    • Cleaning fees will not cover intense cleaning of the oven and grill. It is the guest's responsibility to keep oven & grill clean. Please use tin foil to line the grill pan.
    • If extreme or additional cleaning is required after your stay, the associated costs will be deducted from your deposit.
  • Check-Out​
    • Please clean dishes​ 
    • Clean oven & grill 
    • Empty rubbish into Green bin outside - in black bin bags
    • Put correct recycling into Blue bin
    • If possible, take glass bottles to bottle bank
    • Put used towels together in laundry sack/basket
    • If sheets are soiled, strip bed and put into black bin bag
    • Please use this Check-Out Checklist
Dish Washer

Rubbish and Recycling

  • GREEN wheelie bin for Household waste.

  • BLUE wheelie bin for Recycling.

    • Details and what should be put into the Green and Blue bins can see found in the adjacent images.

    • Blue bin should only contain Paper, Cardboard, Cans, Tins, Cartons/TetraPaks, Plastic Bottles, Plastic Trays - NO Glass.

    • Do not contaminate the recycling with food waste and ensure items are reasonably clean.

  • Glass Bottles and Jars CANNOT be put into the Blue bin.

    • Glass should be taken to the local bottle bank along Shore Road towards the pier, in the Coach Park .

  • Household waste must be bagged in plastic bin bag before putting in Green bin. 

  • Dog poo bags must not be put into the Green bin.

    • There is a dog waste bin a few yards along the road towards the village shops. Please use. 

  • Extensive fouling or contamination of the bins which require either power washing or rubbish removal will be charged and affect your deposit.

  • Please keep the house and garden clean for the next guest.

  • The kitchen bin should be lined with bin bags - usually under sink. 

    • The kitchen bin has a sensor lid - but no longer works

  • Bin collection is NOT weekly and usually Green and Blue bins are collected on alternate Thursdays - eg 1st Thursday Green, 2nd Thurs is for Blue.

    • Bins will not be emptied unless put on the street.

    • We do not expect Guests to push the bin down the steps, but if you have the energy and strength, please accept our thanks.

Green Bin.png
Blue Bin.png
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Garden and Shed

  • The front garden is a great place to sit and watch the world go by, however, it is not secure for small children to be left unattended.

  • The back garden is very small and steep and unfortunately not suitable for relaxing or playing.  The back garden path can be slippery after rain, so please be careful.

  • Bikes and paddle boards may be stored in the back garden. The area is generally safe.

    • I store my SUP in the front garden without concern​

  • The shed can be used for dry storage of large items, however, it can may be awkward to use due to the steps.

    • It is can be good place to sit and make a phone call.

    • The shed does not have a lock (note, I am considering having a bolt and padlock installed - feedback welcome)

    • The shed is our letter box for deliveries from the Royal Mail, please be courteous and either bring the letters indoors and leave above the fridge for collection, or leave in a pile in the shed.

  • Smokers may use the shed, as long as they act sensibly and do not cause any damage.

    • Smokers should dispose of doubts, filters, roaches etc properly - ie bagged and binned. Please don't throw in the garden or in the bin.

NOTE: The shed is currently half full of "stuff" - it can still be used, but with limited room for now. 

Back Garden Storage.jpg
Shed Storage.jpg
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