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Fire & Safety Information

Safety Equipment

  • Fire Extinguisher

    • In kitchen area above fridge

  • Heat Alarms

    • One in kitchen area a Heat Alarm on ceiling

    • Triggered by heat, not smoke

    • Interlinked with smoke alarms in house

  • Smoke Alarms​​

    • Alarms on ceiling of living room, hallway and landing upstairs

    • Triggered by smoke

    • All alarms are interlinked

  • First Aid

    • A first aid pack is above the fridge next to fire extinguisher

    • Let me know if you use items so I can replace for guests

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Escape Route

  • In the event of fire

    • Make your way to the main door via the RED arrows shown on the attached floor plans

    • The main door may be opened without a key using thumblock

  • Ground Floor - go immediately to main exit door

  • First Floor - go immediately downstairs, then turn right to main exit door

    • The velux windows at the back of the house can be opened fully, by opening lever at bottom and pushing window outwards. This provides an exit when safer to do so.

Tinny - 0. Ground Floor - 2D Floor Plan.jpg
Tinny - 1. First Floor - 2D Floor Plan.jpg
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  • Escape Route Log

  • Equipment Test Log

  • Alarm Test Log

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