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  • Washing
    • The washing machine manual is available to download.​

    • For a 30 min, very lightly soiled wash, use J setting

    • Normal wash, use H setting for 70 mins

    • I recommend H with Quick Wash for general laundry

  • Drying​

    • The washing machine is also a drier, with program details attached.

    • Note: use the drier as a last resort due to the energy consumption

  • Clothes Airer / Rack

    • There is a clothes airer available in either the cupboard in the living room or on the upstairs landing​

  • Whirlygig / Rotary Line

    • There is a rotary line outside on front of the shed. Pegs are available either on the kitchen radiator or living room cupboard.​

    • Note: use the shed steps to access the rotary line, but BE CAREFUL.

  • Ironing​

    • An iron and ironing board are in the living room cupboard​

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Kitchen Appliances

  • Dishwasher​

    • The 1 hour program is best when dishes already rinsed

    • For normal loads, the the 2:17 minute program works well

  • Hob

    • Like all electric hobs, it takes getting used to. ​

    • Turn high, then turn down to find working temperature

    • Switch ON above microwave/oven

  • Microwave

    • For basic operation, just turn the main knob until the desired time is shown, then press Start.​

  • Freezer

    • There is a freezer in the hall cupboard. 

  • Toaster​

    • Must use the RIGHT side slots (1) first (or for only 2 slices)

    • The toaster only toasts 4 slices if RIGHT slots are lowered before LEFT hand side.


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Linen & Towels

  • Linen

    • Each bed will have fresh, clean linen, including pillow cases and duvet covers.​

    • No further linen will be supplied unless agreed prior to your stay.

  • Guest Towels

    • A selection of fresh hand/face towels and bath towels have been left on the beds for each guest.

    • Towels may have been left on the settee in upstairs landing

    • We only provide enough towels for the reported number of guests.

      • 1 shared hand towel in each bathroom.

      • Each guest gets their own hand towel and bath towel.

  • Old towels can be found on the living room cupboard for pets or for drying off after rain.

  • Dish Towels

    • Numerous dish towels are available.

    • Please leave used dish towels in the supplied laundry basket.

Rolled Spa Towels
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TV, DVD & Music

  • Living Room Television​​

    • The living room TV has a local Freeview ​service.

    • A DVD / BlueRay player is also connected.

    • DVD selection in small drawers under the TV.

    • TV Source need to be switched to HDMI for DVD

  • Bedroom Television

    • The bedroom TV is not connected to an aerial, so can only be used for DVDs, games console or connecting to laptop.

    • A DVD should be connected. There is no remote control, so only Eject and Play.

  • Audio Speakers

    • Powered Speakers are available in the kitchen/diner

    • They are switched on/off at the mains

    • There is an old Apple iPod/iPhone socket integrated

    • There is a Jack plug for connection to laptops and smartphones.

    • There is NO bluetooth

    • Volume can be controlled from front of one speaker

  • Please respect our neighbours and do not play music loudly in the living room.​

TV Remote
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Baby & Child

  • In the living room cupboard is:

    • A fold up travel cot 

      • Sheets or covers are not provided.

    • A stair guard

    • A baby bath

    • A bed guard to stop falling out of bed

  • NOTE: Kitchen cupboards have no child locks

Parent and Child
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Shower and Bathroom

  • Shower Room downstairs

    • The shower does not depend on central heating/hot water

    • Like many homes, when toilets are flushed or cold water is used elsewhere, the shower temperature may fluctuate

    • Flooding - if the shower tray drains very slowly, hair will be caught in the waste trap / plug hole

    • The waste trap needs to be removed with a hook/fork, and the hair put into the bin

    • Please clear the trap as soon as the tray does not drain

  • Bathroom Shower upstairs

    • This is a hand shower​ only

    • Suitable for hair washing, small kids and pets

    • Please be careful of flooding the bathroom

  • Please ONLY flush toilet paper

    • A coastal village's system cannot cope with anything else

    • Please dispose of wipes and sanitary products in the bins 

Bathroom Tiles
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